The 2024 YouthCUE National Honor Choir will gather July 18-24 in San Antonio for a week of elevated choral rehearsals, leadership training, and concerts in Houston, Dallas, Baylor University, and San Antonio.

The NHC is comprised primarily of high school students who have completed grades 10-12. While the NHC is seeking some of the best singers in local student choirs and school programs across the United States, it should not be concluded that only the top 5% or 10% of the best singers will be selected. Yes, the singers chosen will be good singers with nice voices, can sing in tune, blend with others, and learn the medium-difficult anthem repertoire. However, we are also considering the total student — how the student interacts with others, the singers’ leadership potential, and their ability to adapt to new surroundings. The most important factor in the selection process is your DIRECTOR RECOMMENDATION.

Complete information — deadlines (coming over the next month), cost factors, and other considerations for the students and their parents, online DIRECTOR RECOMMENDATION FORM, STUDENT APPLICATION FORM, and many other NHC details — is now live on this website.

Those who begin the process early will have the greatest chance of being selected for participation. The selection process is not a competition between singers but, rather, is about meeting our basic criteria for participation. You very likely have students in your choir who already meet that threshold requirement. Chairs are limited and, towards the end of the application process, more students will likely apply than we can accept. Not only does applying early increase the students’ chances of being selected, but by getting on the FAST TRACK (shorter deadlines), the students’ participation fees are significantly reduced, saving the student and parent $255 off the regular participation fee (more than a 20% savings).

We believe your recommended student(s), and especially your ongoing ministry back home, will benefit significantly from participation in the 2024 YouthCUE National Honor Choir!

After reading through the online information, if you have more questions, feel free to contact
Tina McCartney [email protected] or (210) 557-5245
Randy Edwards [email protected] or (210) 488-4849