2024 CUE Choral Ambassadors Training Project
July 5-11, 2024
San Antonio 

Application Deadline: April 1, 2024

Quick Facts


July 5-11, 2024


San Antonio
Texas Hill Country


Application Deadline

April 1, 2024

The CUE Choral Ambassadors Chamber Choir is quickly becoming the professional component of CUE programming.

As our university students move along in their educations and into music professions and careers, we seek to continually engage you to develop a highly advanced ensemble which travels domestically and occasionally internationally.

CCA is scheduled to tour Italy in the summer of 2025. Traveling 12 days through some of the most glorious scenery in the world, we are singing full concerts in numerous cathedrals and other grand venues scattered across beautiful Italy. The 2024 CCA Training Project will give CCA a good head start in preparation for travel to Europe, and the Project will also set the foundation for more international tours to come in the future.

The Purposes of this year’s CCA Training Project are:

  • to begin to solidify a gathering of highly motivated singers into a core group which will develop more of a sense of permanence than a series of pick-up groups (as in years past),  
  • to re-engage CUE Choral Ambassadors and CUE International Chorus participants to look toward a future of common opportunities as a group, 
  • to begin the process of music-making and repertoire-learning as a headstart toward Italy 2025,
  • to capture a half dozen stellar tracks recorded at the fabulous Blue Rock Studios situated in the Texas Hill Country,
  • to perform a handful of local concerts in glorious venues in and around San Antonio,
  • to have a great time together with new and existing colleagues and friends,
  • to be better prepared – in every way – to have experience Italy together in 2025,
  • to open up CCA to new singers who wish to audition and become a part of the experience.

2024 CUE Choral Ambassadors Training Project

The application deadline for the 2024 CCA Training Project is April 1, 2024.

Returning CCA participants from the 2018 or 2022 Irish Cathedral Tours

  • Those not requiring San Antonio lodging: $699 per person
  • Those who need San Antonio lodging: $849 per person

New CCA candidates using the Training Project as Audition

  • Those not requiring San Antonio lodging: $799 per person
  • Those who need San Antonio lodging: $949 per person

Upon acceptance into the Project, a $100 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your place. Once accepted into the program (return singers are guaranteed acceptance), a FAST TRACK OPTION will be provided for those who want to act early and save money. By registering early and making earlier payments, you will save significant money on your participation fee.

Included in your participation fee:

  • All CCA rehearsals, concerts, venues and fun activities admission
  • 2024 CCA anthem packet sent directly to each participant
  • All ground transportation – including personal transfers to and from airports
  • Group lodging in safe, clean, and convenient hotels
  • Breakfasts each morning
  • Two CCA casual tees
  • Insurance

Not included in the participation fee:

  • Travel to and from San Antonio
  • 13 meals – generally lunch and dinner each day (breakfasts are provided)
  • Snacks
Saturday, July 6

Midday arrive into SAT, afternoon rehearsal

Sunday, July 7

Morning Concert – Woodland Church
Afternoon Concert – San Fernando Cathedral

Monday, July 8

Travel to Houston
Rehearsal at South Main Baptist

Tuesday, July 9

Rehearsal at Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
Fun night: Miami Marlins at Houston Astros

Wednesday, July 10

Travel to Texas Hill Country
Mini-Rehearsals in Painted Churches

Thursday, July 11

Morning Recording Session – Blue Rock Artist Retreat and Studios
Mid-afternoon departures from SAT back home

TBA by March 15, 2024

Selected singers will be provided anthem packets with practice links.

Who may participate in the CCA Training Project?

All those who have been prior participants in CCA (2018 and 2022 Irish Cathedral Tours). We will also accept new singers into the program by application.

What Type of Singers Are We Seeking?
  • Singers in university undergraduate programs, graduate students, or professional musicians 32 years of age and under. 
  • Passionate, trained choral singers who possess excellent abilities in vocal production with substantial experience in choral ensemble settings.
  • Intonation and blending qualities are a must, since much of our repertoire is 8-part (or more) a cappella. 
  • Excellent sight-singing skills.
  • Sensitive singers who are constantly listening and working to achieve superb blend and tuning. 
  • Ability to learn, retain, memorize, and perform challenging repertoire in a wide variety of settings.
Exacty How Are Singers Accepted into the CCA Training Project?
  • Singers who have participated in CCA in the past are automatically selected. However, we still need returning singers to complete the CCA Application Form so we will have your most recent information. 
  • If you have not participated in CCA before and would like to have an opportunity to train and audition with the group, you are welcome and encouraged to complete the CCA Application Form and submit it. The YouthCUE staff will then set up a 15-minute Zoom interview and audition. Those who pass the audition will be notified of their acceptance.

Join the CUE Choral Ambassadors Training Project

Application Deadline: April 1, 2024
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