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If you are a church or school youth choir director, YouthCUE has tools and resources to help you build a vibrant youth choir program.

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Programs & Events

Expand your professional network through YouthCUE programs and events


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Connect and share ideas with colleagues nationwide



Weekly insights from renowned experts and clinicians

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Online training focused on the needs of youth choir directors


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Search YouthCUE’s database of fantastic repertoire for any season and setting

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Introits, calls to worship, and descants specifically for members

Plans and Pricing


  • Monthly CUEnotes e-newsletter
  • Access to register for programs and events
  • Weekly blogs from renowned contributors
  • Unlimited access to anthem review database
  • $20 in store credit annually
  • 15% discount on all store items

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student? We offer deep discounts to our annual membership fees as long as you are enrolled in an accredited institution and actively working toward a degree in church music, choral conducting, or similar field of study. Contact us directly for a coupon code to redeem this discount.

Do you represent a university, seminary or other partner organization? Contact us directly for a customized membership plan which can include access to all YouthCUE benefits for up to your entire organization, and name and logo recognition in YouthCUE publications and events.

Testimonials from directors just like you

“I’ve been bringing my youth choir to YouthCUE for the past 18 years. Our kids always ask to come to YouthCUE; they meet kids from all over the country who sing the same music and understand they are not alone.

Randy has been a great encouragement for me and my ministry as well as for other ministers of music around the country, and I know that has a lot to do with why we encourage our kids to be a part of this ministry, because we know we are getting something as well as the kids.”

André Simon

Minister of Music, FBC Nacogdoches, TX

“[YouthCUE] is one of the most enriching opportunities for our students to experience music on this level, and to share that love and passion with other choirs from across the country.

I can’t recommend it enough…I really must admit that [the youth] come back from the Festival on fire to share the music with the church.”

Robyn Hatfield

Presbyterian Church of Stanley

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be a member of YouthCUE?

Here are the top 3 reasons we think you’ll want to be a YouthCUE member:

Being a YouthCUE member will expand and deepen your professional network. YouthCUE members are making a difference in young lives in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We represent every Christian tradition along with many school directors as well. Because YouthCUE members are scattered across the timeline of their professional careers, you’ll be able to learn from those ahead of you and mentor those coming behind you. You will join with others far and wide who are committed to nurturing vital youth choir experiences.

YouthCUE membership gives you access to high-quality programs and events that are designed to strengthen both your ministry and provide your students with fantastic choral singing experiences in some of the world’s finest venues. We are committed to choral excellence and passionate about how important a positive youth choir experience can be for a student’s spiritual and leadership development.

We provide online tools and resources to help you build and sustain a meaningful youth choir program. This includes an anthem review database, where you can search for the right repertoire for any season or setting, discussion forums, where you can connect with fellow directors, webinars on specialized topics, and weekly blogs from renowned experts and clinicians (just to name a few).

All of our content is designed to help you discover new ideas and gain energy to continue your important work in youth choir ministry.

Do you offer discounts for students?

Glad you asked! Yes, we do offer deep discounts on annual membership fees to undergraduate and graduate students as long as they are enrolled at an accredited institution working toward a degree in church music, choral conducting, or other similar field. Contact us for a coupon code that can be redeemed to take advantage of this discount. Please have proof of your enrollment ready as we’ll need to validate it.

I represent a university, seminary or other potential partner organization. Do you have special memberships for us?

Absolutely. Contact us directly for a customized membership plan which can include access to all YouthCUE benefits for up to your entire organization, and name and logo recognition in YouthCUE publications and events.

Does YouthCUE sell my information to third-parties?

This is a very fair question and we are glad you asked it. The answer is: absolutely, unequivocally, no, we do not sell your information to any third-party for any reason whatsoever. We take this very seriously.

Specific details about how we use the personal information you provide us, along with all of the associated legal mambo-jumbo, may be found in our Privacy Policy. If you have any specific questions about this policy, please contact us directly.

What is your refund policy?

We believe we offer great tools and resources for youth choir directors, but we understand sometimes YouthCUE isn’t a good fit for one reason or another. In these cases, we are happy to refund your membership fees within 30 days of registration and payment. Contact us to initiate this process. We won’t try to stop you from canceling, but because we are always looking to improve our services, we may ask you a few questions as to why YouthCUE wasn’t a good fit for you. Thanks for your understanding!

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