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A Message from Randy Edwards

Last year marked YouthCUE’s 25th anniversary in Christian ministry. Throughout these 25 years, we’ve had the opportunity to touch tens of thousands of young lives through our expansive programming and wide network of church and school youth choirs throughout North America.

Despite the rapid rate of change our world has experienced during these years, our purpose remains strong and constant: YouthCUE exists to teach scripture to youth, and we do that through the power of choral music.

We believe that choral training is a fantastic leadership development tool. In a choral setting, we learn the importance of precision, excellence, and the value of hard work, not only for ourselves, but also in the lives of others. A positive youth choir experience, coupling rigorous rehearsing with Scripture-based texts, makes invaluable investments in the lives of our youth at critical stages of their intellectual, spiritual, and personal development.

The past 25 years could not have been possible without the support of so many from across the country who have believed in the value of our work. As we look to the next 25 years, we invite you to join us as we continue this work for the next generation of youth.

Thank you for being a part of both YouthCUE’s heritage and future.


Randy Edwards

Randy Edwards

YouthCUE Founder & President

What I love about YouthCUE

Reflections on National Honor Choir

“YouthCUE has been an awesome experience because of all the teamwork…it’s united all of us and helped us grow stronger together as well as with our faith in God. Singing all the songs and seeing all the smiles on peoples’ faces…just seeing everybody from different cultures is also an awesome thing YouthCUE has shown me.”

Mason, NHC '16


“My favorite thing about YouthCUE is the joy you get when you get to sing at the beautiful churches and for the elderly. YouthCUE (National Honor Choir) gives you the music with high expectations you’ll learn it yourself. I’m a hard worker, but this experience taught me I have to work even harder to be at that level.”

Kathryn, NHC '16


“YouthCUE has taught me a lot of things, especially things that I can use in college, such as the value of teamwork, leadership, and the ability to interact with different people. Blending our sound, listening to one another and balancing out all of the different parts is definitely a teamwork activity.”

Dominique, NHC '16


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YouthCUE also gratefully accepts gifts of stock. Assuming the stock has appreciated in value since it was purchased, a stock gift is often advantageous for both the donor and the recipient organization, as neither will have to pay the applicable capital gains tax once the securities are sold by the receiving organization. Contact us directly for instructions on how to give stock.

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