Welcome to the brand new YouthCUE Alumni Association!

Who are we?

We are the former students – some from much longer ago than others – who participated in YouthCUE programming during our teenage years. We are diverse. We are in our 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, and we live in 50 states and several Canadian provinces, in Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America.

We have pursued, persisted, and succeeded in every type of career you might imagine. We are school teachers, attorneys, fitness trainers, carpenters, sound engineers, animation artists, videographers, accountants, entrepreneurs, judges, homemakers, administrative assistants, account executives, military officers, fire fighters, mechanics, surgeons, nurses, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, professors, music therapists, elected public officials, physician’s assistants, senior pastors, youth ministers, music ministers, nonprofit leaders and staffers, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, executive directors, bankers, loan officers, home builders, commercial construction contractors, subcontractors, salespeople, account executives, stock brokers, family counselors, psychiatrists, airline pilots, authors, opera singers, professional athletes, wealth advisors, philanthropists, county commissioners, music professors, psychology professors, sociology professors, news anchors, mechanics, rocket scientists, anthropologists, geologists, journalists, theology professors, prison chaplains, hospital chaplains, school administrators, band directors, air force pilots, professional and semi-professional athletes, mathematics professors, army officers, midshipmen/women, choir directors, actors, nurses, athletic trainers, football coaches, basketball coaches, baseball coaches, preschool teachers, and office managers. And more!

We have also – everyone of us – encountered our share of setbacks, disappointments, failures, and grief. Through the good times as well as the not so good, we can be reminded by our memories of YouthCUE, how much God loves us and how important we are to one another … even separated by miles and decades. We remember the scripture and poetry we sang in choral anthems when we were together. Many of us are still, even today, moved by the music we learned during our adolescence.

I am so excited about this opportunity to connect and reconnect with you!  I hope you will join me as we embark on this new adventure! Our goals for the group are twofold: First, this is a chance for us to keep up with YouthCUE alumni of all ages, first virtually and then maybe later with regional reunions … who knows, we might even sing together again! Second, our membership will allow us an opportunity to continue the ministry of YouthCUE, helping pay it forward to ensure that future generations can experience God’s joy as we did through beautiful choral music, choir tours, fellowship, and service projects.

Please join the YouthCUE Alumni Association today. It’s easy. And with your membership, you will receive our bi-monthly YCAA Newsletter via email. We need your help get the word out to all YC Alumni by encouraging your friends to join and by following YCAA on Facebook. By sharing our post, you are helping to spread the word to other Alumni. Encourage your friends to follow us and to share as well.

Let the fun begin!

Kristen Brown
2023-2024 President
YouthCUE Alumni Association