Author: Randy Edwards

In Choral Music and Life in America, Balance Is Absolutely Critical in Order to Achieve Beauty

A healthy life balance is something most people desire. And what’s more, most of us think we have already achieved it. I may not be perfect, but my life’s balance is at least healthier than that of my friends, right? If we do sense we are out of balance, it becomes as irritating as an […]

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The Beauty and Destruction of Our Words

THE BEAUTY AND DESTRUCTION OF OUR WORDS Writing this piece, I am set up with a cup of tea in my den with the television currently on low volume. It’s Inauguration Day 2021. The volume will move up and down as the morning’s events unfold. Currently, as I click the keyboard of my laptop, the […]

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Regardless of Your Politics, Amanda Gorman’s Inaugural Poem Is an Inspiration for All

AMANDA GORMAN’S INAUGURAL POEM IS AN INSPIRATION FOR ALL In 2017, Amanda Gorman was named the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate. She was eighteen at the time. When the now 22-year-old was chosen to recite her poem, entitled The Hill We Climb for the Presidential Inauguration, she had no idea of the impact her recitation […]

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