Author: Randy Edwards

In Student Choirs, Distance Can Be Used to Develop Choral Sound, Part 2

In Student Choirs, Distance Can Be Used to Develop Choral Sound (Photo) Part 2 During the pandemic, I have often wondered if we will ever return to packed out choir lofts again. That question does not make me sad, but it does make me curious. How long have we worked with the idea that, as […]

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With YouthCUE moving towards a full array of programming in 2022, network directors are urged to check the website often for the latest developments

YouthCUE has always been about collaboration. In fact, our first official name was – and officially still is – Youth Choirs Incorporated. The “incorporated” part was not so much about a business model as it was about the whole concept of sharing, collaboration, and mutual engagement, and shared benefits. Nothing we provide our members is […]

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Recent pandemic developments signal significant restarts in choral singing. Here are some important considerations …

As a nine-year-old, I found myself on the Texas Gulf Coast at dawn one morning on a long-anticipated fishing trip. It happened at the very end of the school year, and we were beyond excited to experience the freedom of summer and this fun getaway! As the sun arose over the sandy dunes and gray-cast […]

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