Author: Randy Edwards

CUE Choral Ambassadors Arrive in Ireland

Behind this door is the CCA rehearsal space for the next four days This amazing chamber choir, the 2022 CUE Choral Ambassadors, JUST arrived in Dublin, had lunch in the Temple Bar District, then stopped for this photo before going into our first-ever rehearsal. O my gosh, are they ever prepared and, good heavens, can […]

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You Will Need Your Anger Now

“Joy is the gift of love, grief is the price of love, and rage is that which protects what is loved.” I keep repeating these words of Valarie Kaur, an activist and spiritual teacher, over and over today. Joy—so easily stolen. Grief—so unnecessary. Rage—so inescapable. I had babies at the time of Sandy Hook. They […]

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Uvalde, Texas, a city of 16,000, sits 79 miles due west of the office in which I sit writing this newsletter. At this precise moment, Uvalde is the scene of the latest mass shooting, the second worst school massacre in US history. I feel darkly certain, however, that by the time this July issue of […]

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