National Honor Choir is a week-long gathering of selected high school singers across the YouthCUE network with a primary focus of making exceptional choral music and engaging in world-class leadership training. 

Quick Facts about NHC 2024


July 18-24, 2024


San Antonio (base)
Baylor University


Application Deadlines

FAST TRACK: March 10, 2024
Regular: April 1, 2024

National Honor Choir is a week-long gathering of selected high school singers across the YouthCUE network with a primary focus of making exceptional choral music and engaging in world-class leadership training.

The 5 Purposes of the NHC are:

  • to reward your choir’s most committed students with an educational, inspiring, and fun week of travel, superb choral training, exciting concerts in glorious venues, and happy new friendships,
  • to engage and motivate your selected students to return to their home choirs with heightened initiative to be real leaders, to provide modeling for younger students, to mentor those coming along behind, and to assist their home directors in developing and growing their local church music ministry,
  • to provide graduating seniors a unique and powerful opportunity to prepare for their launch into university life,
  • to experience the worship of God in genuine and enriched ways, further opening our eyes and and hearts to more fully appreciate the beauty of God,
  • to return home a better, more mature and focused emerging young adult, seeking ways to be of greater service to God and to others.

2024 National Honor Choir Details

Director recommendation deadline April 1, 2024
Student application deadline April 1, 2024
Accepted student registration deposit deadline
($125 non-refundable)
April 15, 2024
Parental/travel forms due to YouthCUE May 1, 2024
Accepted student second payment deadline May 15, 2024
Accepted student final payment deadline June 15, 2024


Get on the NHC Fast Track and save $255 off your Participation Fee!

FAST TRACK Deadlines  
Director recommendation deadline March 10, 2024
Student application deadline March 10, 2024
Accepted student registration deposit deadline
($125 non-refundable)
April 1, 2024
Parental/travel forms due to YouthCUE May 1, 2024
Accepted student second payment deadline May 1, 2024
Accepted student final payment deadline June 1, 2024


Cost per participant is $1,250 plus roundtrip travel to and from San Antonio and 2 meals per day (14 meals). A $125 registration deposit (included in the $1,250) holds the student’s place and is nonrefundable. The registration deposit is due to YouthCUE on April 15, 2024.

Students are invited to FAST TRACK and save money. For directors and students who wish to act earlier and meet earlier deadlines – though still very doable – YouthCUE is offering a FAST TRACK option which will save the student $255 off the participation fee. The regular $1,250 Participation Fee then becomes $995.

For students taking advantage of FAST TRACK reduced pricing, all deadlines are earlier than those paying the full price. Missing one deadline cancels your FAST TRACK position, and the pricing is increased back to regular pricre, $1,250.

Included in the participation fee ($1,250 or $995):

  • All NHC rehearsals, concerts, venues and and fun activities admissions
  • 2024 NHC anthem packet sent directly to each NHC-selected student
  • All ground transportation – including personal transfers to and from airports
  • All charter coach ground transportation while in Texas
  • 6 nights group lodging in safe, clean, and convenient hotels
  • Breakfasts each morning
  • 3 NHC teeshirts for concert apparel
  • Insurance

Not included in the participation fee:

  • Travel to and from San Antonio
  • 14 meals – generally lunch and dinner each day (breakfasts are provided)
Thursday, July 18

Arrive into SAT midday, afternoon and evening rehearsals

Friday, July 19

Rehearsals, leadership training

Saturday, July 20

Rehearsals, leadership training
Concerts: San Fernando Cathedral, Mission Concepcion, The Meadows

Sunday, July 21

Charter Coach to Houston
Concerts: South Main Baptist Church, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Monday, July 22

Charter Coach to Dallas
Concerts: The Forum, Bush Presidential Library
Fun night: Chicago White Sox at Texas Rangers

Tuesday, July 23

Charter Coach to Waco
Concert: Baylor Alleluia Feature

Wednesday, July 24

Charter Coach to San Antonio
Morning recording session : Blue Rock Studios, Wimberley
Mid-afternoon departure from SAT back to hometowns

TBA by March 15, 2024

Selected students will be provided anthem packets with practice links.

What Ages May Participate in NHC?

The majority of the NHC selectees will have completed grades 10, 11, and 12. In some rather rare cases, a few students who have completed grade 9 will be accepted based upon the high recommendation of their directors.

What type of students is the NHC seeking?
  • Kind-hearted, self-disciplined, students who can flex and go with the flow
  • Students who show better than average musical and leadership growth potential
  • Teachable and respectful of NHC behavior policies (will be clearly spelled out)
  • Good singers. This does not mean they have to be all-state or all-region singers, although some will be. We are not looking only for stellar vocal performers. We are seeking good, better-than-average singers, students who can blend, sing in tune, listen to others, and do not need to be the star of the show
  • Team players and initiative-takers
  • Respectful of YouthCUE leadership. Respectful of peers
  • Are responsible for themselves, both before NHC week (responding to our emails and texts, submitting paperwork, making payments on time), learning their music ahead of time, as well as dependable in keeping up with the schedule during the NHC week in Texas
Exactly How Are the Students Accepted?
  • Director’s Recommendation: The first step towards acceptance into the NHC is a recommendation from you, the director. To begin the process, please complete and submit the simple DIRECTOR RECOMMENDATION FORM linked to this page. To increase your students’ chances of being selected, start the process sooner rather than later. Those who are recommended and apply early have an increased chance of being selected.
  • Communicate immediately with the students and their parents, notifying them that you have recommended them to the 2024 YouthCUE National Honor Choir.
  • Have the student come to this web page, click the brief STUDENT APPLICATION FORM, complete it, and click SUBMIT.
  • The student will then be notified to set up a 10-minute Zoom interview to be conducted by the YouthCUE staff. We will want this to occur as soon as conveniently possible for the students. (Parents are not required be in on the interview, but they are welcome to be present if they would be more comfortable doing so).
  • Once the Zoom interview is completed, the student will be notified of his/her acceptance.
  • Students who are not accepted will be expeditiously notified by email, with a notice coming to the director, as well. This will be done soon so the student may continue with other summer plans. 

A limited number of directors may participate in 2024 NHC as counselors. Interested directors are encouraged to email Randy Edwards at [email protected]. The same fee structure applies to counselors as to students.

Join the 2024 National Honor Choir

Acceptance requires a director recommendation

Application deadline is April 1, 2024
(March 10 for Fast Track)

Directors: Recommend a StudentStudents: Complete Application