Author: Randy Edwards

The Cross

The cross of Christ is not only a fact of history, it is also a symbol of God’s saving grace, our spiritual poverty,  the fulfillment of Old Testament law and the “One acquainted with grief”, among other things.  Pamela Martin’s beautiful text and Craig Courtney’s simple melody give us the opportunity to express the centrality […]

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Become God’s Story

This poignant anthem reminds us that as believers we share the story of Christ’s redemption through loving actions and words of grace. Ideal for youth or adult choirs, the anthem’s ABA form and memorable melody make the anthem a snap to teach and to learn. Modest vocal ranges and a recurring refrain add to an […]

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Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ

This rousing call to the table blossoms from a jamaican folk melody, with a boisterous organ, dancing flute, and optional congas enhancing the easy choral parts. Jesus lives again, earth can breathe again, pass the word around: loaves abound!

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I Sing the Mighty Power of God

I Sing the Mighty Power of God is a festive and majestic version of this much-loved hymn. Mark Patterson has written it for SATB choir, youth choir, and children’s choir, but it may also be performed by SATB choir alone. The diverse choral writing in the piece brings moments of lyrical beauty, stirring contemplation, and rousing praise. […]

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