I am pleased to be teaching at the 2013 Baylor Alleluia Conference, all three one-hour seminars being held on Wednesday, July 24. Here are the course descriptions:

What Is It About Beauty? The recognition, appreciation, and creation of beauty make a radical difference for the good in the lives of today’s students. Alas, the world has become so “functional” and speed-driven that simple beauty is often overpowered by the latest technological advancements. In this session, we will take a look at how we can make engage and inspire teenagers by the introduction and pursuit of beauty.

Millennials Have the Upper Hand – Every seventy years, a generation emerges which changes the world. In 2013, we are living in the epicenter of that group – the millennial generation. Although many of us two decades older possess admittedly more professional and relational expertise, we have difficulty communicating effectively in today’s world. That’s where the millennials have the upper hand. The good news is that this generation is the most collaborative tribe our world has ever produced.

From What’s Mine to What’s Yours – Legacy! When we follow the call of God to minister, it is easy for us to slide into the trap of feeling not only empowered but also entitled. Ministers is general and musicians in particular can become some of the most territorial creatures on the planet. In our quest to protect what is good, we often overprotect from what might be even better. In this session, we will discuss how to give our best to our vocations and then to discover the joy and freedom of placing the legacy in the hands of others … and graciously blessing and letting go.

For Alleluia! Conference Registration, go to http://www.baylor.edu/alleluia/