Author: Jonathan Rodgers

Who Are You? – Understanding the Adolescent, pt. 2

Continuing our series on adolescent development, we pause to look briefly at two specific aspects of adolescent development: physical and psychological development. We will merely scratch the surface in this 2nd installment of “Who Are You? – Understanding the Adolescent.”    Again, I am simply presenting information that is generally accepted and accessible on your […]

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Who Are You? – Understanding the Adolescent

Regardless of your tenure in the world of student choir, I think we would all agree that understanding the adolescent and the culture in which s/he lives can be quite a challenge—especially the 21st century American culture. Perhaps we would do well to take some time and really delve into the life and mind of […]

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Are You Listening?

In case you were waiting for part II of “Creating a Masterplan,” I decided to scrap that idea and skip to something else: the topic of ERROR DETECTION in rehearsal. The main question to be asked in relation to this topic is, “Am I listening to my choir?” Now, when I say listening, many of […]

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Creating a Master Plan, part 1

As the new ministry season is upon us (or here for some of you), we have a stack of music to learn and a calendar with not enough rehearsal time. Let’s discuss ways to create a Master Plan for our rehearsals that can maximize our time both weekly and over the course of several weeks. […]

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The Voicing Process

In several weeks, students will flood the choir room (because you have followed Randy Kilpatrick’s advice on recruiting). They will be eager and ready to join this ministry called Youth Choir. Examining their energetic faces you realize, “this is wonderful, but how am I going to make a decent sounding choir out of this group?” […]

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