Behind this door is the CCA rehearsal space for the next four days

This amazing chamber choir, the 2022 CUE Choral Ambassadors, JUST arrived in Dublin, had lunch in the Temple Bar District, then stopped for this photo before going into our first-ever rehearsal. O my gosh, are they ever prepared and, good heavens, can they ever sing! 8-part a cappella at the drop of a hat, singing with elegance, artistry, and passion the music of Ola Gjeilo, Brad Nix, Elaine Hagenberg, Phillip Stopford, Robert Sterling, Eric Barnum, Heather Sorenson, Claude Bass, and more. In the background is St Patrick’s Cathedral, where we are honored to do a five-day residency of rehearsals, singing day recitals (choral concerts), evensongs, and our final formal concert in Ireland on Sunday, July 31 (6 chill-bump events just at St Patrick’s Cathedral alone). Choral ensembles such as this, singing well-crafted, glorious music with substantive texts, rehearsing and performing their choral arts in venues of all kinds, sizes, and places … all this chemistry brought to life by the students themselves … this powerful dynamic can change our world into a better place for all of us.

The CUE Choral Ambassadors … in Ireland through August 1. This is exactly where I want to be over the next dozen days.

Please join us as we post updates in the days ahead.

Randy Edwards
[email protected]