Once upon a time there was a entrepreneur in his fifties who had done very well in several business ventures. Living a fast-paced life in New England, this successful businessman and his charming wife decided it was time for a major shift. After an extensive search, they purchased a mountain in Eastern Tennessee and settled in to enjoy life with a new kind of vision.

The cottage at the top of the mountain afforded breathtaking and unobstructed views of sunrises, sunsets, wildlife, weather patterns and season changes. Over time, the couple’s driving internal rhythms were replaced by rich new harmonies, rubato melodies, and gentle nuances of dynamics, color, and shading. They began to sense their lives were, at last, in balance and in tune. 

They named the mountain Symphony Hill. It was, indeed, a perfect name.

Over the years, the one-time CEO was moved by the passions of newfound friends who were trying to do ground-breaking, innovative ministry with limited resources. Being one who had created businesses from the ground up, he had a special heart for these younger, less-experienced business people with hearts for ministry. He gave them his time. He worked hard, enjoying the new challenges without all the pressure he had known before when he was in business for himself. He gave away multiplied hours of time, lots of dollars, and immeasurable energy to help others who needed his experience and what he had learned in the marketplace.

YouthCUE was one of the many beneficiaries of this tireless, retired entrepreneur. His motivation was to plant seeds which would, in time, grow to maturity and add beauty to God’s world. The saplings he nurtured more than a decade ago are continuing to blossom every day at YouthCUE. The gardens he began with soil and seeds are adorning all the lives they grace.

I am one of thousands in the YouthCUE network blessed by the entrepreneur from Eastern Tennessee. Often on Facebook, I catch a fresh glimpse of the glorious beauties of Symphony Hill, still being cultivated and celebrated by these precious friends.

Ken and Gaile, the whole YouthCUE network thanks you for your vision, your unselfishness, and your investments of yourself during a crucial chapter in the life of this ministry. Thank you for sowing seeds on our behalf and helping our garden to grow.

And may yours become more beautiful with every passing season!