Traveling through Ireland, castle stops are a must.

On Ireland’s northern shore, Dunluce is an ancient bastion in ruins set upon a ragged cliff high atop the sea. The varying hues of the water’s blues are reminiscent of electric Mediterranean and Caribbean tourism photos. However, Ireland’s scenes seem vastly more peaceful, eerily more quiet, and thankfully far less commercial. The aqua and deep blues, contrasted by and blended with the rich shades of green and the verdant emerald of soft grass, then combine with cool, brisk breezes (sometimes crescendoing into powerful gusts) teasing your skin — all converging into a breathtaking beauty un-capture-able by any HD photo, video, or even the sharpest, most vivid memory. One truly must be present to fully sense the power, the peace, the majesty, the grace, the gift.

The Choral Ambassadors are making glorious music these days. Presently, we are situated (lodging and singing) in the heart of Dublin for three days, rotating between daily concerts and evensongs at St Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church, located a mere eight blocks apart. Tourists are here by the thousands, and our concert events are being attended by hundreds at a time.

However, some of our very favorite times are the concerts and mini concerts away from the crowds. We refer to these “singings” as “concerts with God as our Only Audience.” We discovered three spaces within the roofless walls of Dunluce to provide private, two-anthem concerts for the Creator of Beauty, the Author of Mercy, the Composer of Compassion.

The resonant, spinning 8-part a cappella choral sounds were bathed by Irish sunshine, wafting within and well over and beyond the ancient ruined walls. These sounds of praise, love, and gratitude will go with us until the end of our last breaths … and I suspect much, much longer.

And did I mention that these young adults are absolutely keen and seasoned musicians? Superb singers they are; each one is a young artist, and together, what they create is nothing short of sacred excellence and holy magic.

Thanks be to God!

Randy Edwards

[email protected]