Want to be an effective youth choir leader this year? Help is on the way!

by Jan 26, 2018CUEnotes

Whether you’ve directed a student choir for thirty-three years, three months, or thirty minutes, here is some of what you and I are going to need to be effective leaders for today’s students:

Information – We need to know what’s new, what are the trends, and how can we provide great leadership in a world that is often unstable, noisy, and chaotic.

Resources – The most effective youth choir directors are growing musicians with a variety of tools in our kits. We care about our students and we want to see them grow musically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally.

Humor –  All youth choir directors need a good laugh from time to time, so do our students, and so do our choirs as a whole. Finding the lighter side of our ministries can help us maintain energy and enjoy a healthy perspective.

Inspiration – All of us benefit from the stories of what’s working, how our colleague directors have overcome our challenges and fears. It is affirming and uplifting to hear how students’ lives are transformed by the power of choral music … and how directors’ lives are enriched, as well!

Leadership – If we hope to help students become leaders, then we must work to improve our own leadership skills. As mentors modeling healthy, grown-up leadership, we need to become vulnerable and ready to make some personal changes.

YouthCUE’s monthly newsletter and podcasts (CUEcasts) are ways you and I can stay on the cutting edge of ministry. We encourage you to read and listen, and we also hope you will respond. As YouthCUE has said for three decades, we are all much stronger in our common ministry when we each listen, respond, and participate. We need your input, and we always welcome your feedback.

Happy singing!



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Randy Edwards

Randy Edwards

Founder & President, YouthCUE & Minister of Music & Worship at Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio, TX

Prior to devoting his full-time efforts to YouthCUE beginning in 2005, Randy served for more than thirty years as minister of music at First Baptist Church San Antonio, First Baptist Church Shreveport, Trinity Baptist Church in San Antonio and currently at Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio. He served as Chorusmaster of the Shreveport Opera Company from 1991-1999.

He has composed twenty-one published choral anthems and has authored the most comprehensive textbook to date on youth choir ministry, entitled, Revealing Riches and Building Lives: Youth Choir Ministry in the New Millennium. With more than six hundred articles published in over thirty publications, Randy Edwards is one of the premiere specialists in youth choir ministry today. He is sought widely as a conductor, clinician, consultant, and teacher.