Author: Randy Edwards


Based on a 4th century text that speaks of Christ walking ahead of us, “watching, guiding, challenging now and evermore.” This is an appropriate setting for not only choral benedictions, but also for graduation Sundays, and weddings. Part of the YouthCUE Series.

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It’s been a horrific half-week for the people of Boston, Massachusetts and West, Texas. Sudden and terrible blasts have instantaneously stolen lives, inflicted burns, ripped open lacerations, and laid low longstanding structures. Bombs. Combinations of some the simplest everyday substances can result in a bomb. Preliminary reports from last night’s fertilizer plant explosion suggest that water provided the final ingredient fusing the gigantic explosion. Bombs. There […]

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Planting flowers

Once upon a time there was a entrepreneur in his fifties who had done very well in several business ventures. Living a fast-paced life in New England, this successful businessman and his charming wife decided it was time for a major shift. After an extensive search, they purchased a mountain in Eastern Tennessee and settled in to enjoy […]

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