When YouthCUE released its first CUEcast episode on September 3, 2019, we were all clueless of what the next two plus years would hold. That fall, we dropped one CUEcast episode every two weeks. Seven months later, in March 2020 as the pandemic came crashing in, we stepped up our production schedule to release one episode per week. A weekly episode was a stretch for us at the time, but we felt our network needed the extra connection and encouragement during this era of isolation. Thus, Season 1 was very long – chronologically as well as emotionally – stretching from September 2019 to May 2021!

After a summer break, CUEcast Season 2 ran September through December 2021. In this four-month season (now our norm), we added the Friday edition, titled CUEcast Axiom, to the original CUEcast Classic episodes on Tuesdays. In Season 2, there were thirty all-new episodes, fifteen Classic and fifteen Axiom.

Today, we are delighted to announce CUEcast Season 3, along with more exciting developments in YouthCUE’s podcast offerings. Season 3 will feature a third weekly installment of CUEcast episodes. Classic moves from Tuesdays to Mondays, and Axiom will remain on Fridays. On Wednesdays of each week, we have now added a new brand of CUEcast episodes called Communique. You’ll notice we also have a brand new CUEcast logo.

We now produce three podcasts per week, and none of them are done just to say YouthCUE has its own podcast. We believe the information, insights, and ideas presented three times per week provide an excellent means of staying on the cutting edge of ministry with students. But what CUEcast offers is broader than that. Choir directors, senior pastors, associate pastors, student ministers, church lay leaders, public and private school music teachers, nonprofit leaders, and even older students themselves will benefit from the weekly content of CUEcast episodes.


“Choir directors, senior pastors, associate pastors, student ministers, church lay leaders, public and private school music teachers, nonprofit leaders, and even older students themselves will benefit from the weekly content of CUEcast episodes.­­”


Classic (Mondays) is our standard interview format. We converse with artistic icons, authors, educators, directors, pastors, writers, local youth choir directors, community choir leaders, YouthCUE alumni, current students, and more. In the Classic episodes, we get to hear many voices weigh in on ministry, education, worship, and congregational life.

Communique (Wednesdays) is our new offering. After presenting a half dozen introductory episodes, we will then explore with a colorful array of guests the wide world of communication and how critically important effective communication is to strong leadership. It has been our observation over the decades that many, many persons who find themselves in strategic leadership positions are actually very poor communicators. We hope this series can help those in leadership positions who find themselves in trouble and wondering why. And even if we are already good – or even excellent communicators – there always … always … room for growth, improvement, and enrichment. The complexity of the world in 2022 makes communication all the more challenging for all of us! Communique promises to be informative, creative, on target, and hopefully, inspiring for all of us who aspire to be better and more effective leaders.

Axiom (Fridays) will continue to explore the broader landscape of ministry, beauty, and the arts. Our variety of guests will provide insights and inspiration for all of us as we seek to impart to our students and ourselves higher, nobler qualities of appreciation and gratitude.

YouthCUE needs your help with CUEcast! You can contribute in at least two ways:

  1. We are continually seeking new guests to interview and new viewpoints to explore. If you would like to contribute to an episode of CUEcast as a writer or guest, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]. CUEcast is not an exclusive club of insiders but rather an inclusive fellowship gathering ideas and concepts. We seek to be on the cutting edge of our shared ministry, and we will always value your input, suggestions, even critiques.
  2. Please tell your friends, colleagues, family members about CUEcast. Each episode is free, and you can enact your free subscription wherever you get your podcasts. By subscribing, the episodes will automatically be pushed to your device when they are released on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Individual episodes can also be accessed online at youthcue.org


january CUEcast Episodes (NEw Logo)

Monday, January 3                 CUEcast Classic Episode 91                             YouthCUE Staff

Wednesday, January 5            CUEcast Communique Episode 1                    Series Introduction

Friday, January 7                     CUEcast Axiom Episode 16                             Matt Allen

Monday, January 10               CUEcast Classic Episode 92                             Choral Sentences

Wednesday, January 12          CUEcast Communique Episode 2                    Series Introduction

Friday, January 14                   CUEcast Axiom Episode 17                             Pam Dunagan

Monday, January 17               CUEcast Classic Episode 93                             Dan Goeller

Wednesday, January 19          CUEcast Communique Episode 3                    Series Introduction

Friday, January 21                   CUEcast Axiom Episode 18                             Mark Edwards

Monday, January 24               CUEcast Classic Episode 94                             Molly Marshall

Wednesday, 26                       CUEcast Communique Episode 4                    Series Introduction

Friday, January 28                   CUEcast Axiom Episode 19                             Allen Lott

Monday, January 31               CUEcast Classic Episode 95                             Heidi Goeller