Please note that COVID vaccinations … plus booster … are required for all YouthCUE program participation.


YouthCUE begins intensive evaluation of events, venues, schedules, and COVID protocols for all events. During this time at the beginning of 2022, we believe our venues and participants will all have a better idea of how the world is likely to look as we move into the spring and summer. The website will be regularly updated with the latest information.

As directors and other participants are considering participation in YouthCUE events, it’s important that, during January, you determine what your own desires for participation will be. Be thinking ahead, because in the next 60 days, we will be looking for a definitive word about your participation in the summer events.



Having renewed communications with all parties connected to our events, YouthCUE will project the protocols which we anticipate for the various venues. These projected protocols will be communicated to our participants as they are developed.

Directors and other participants need to now deal with the hoops on your end to know what will work and what will not. In other words, we are asking you, during February, to determine whether the YouthCUE event offered is a fit for you or your group based upon what has been communicated.


MARCH 2022

Assuming no other significant rises in pandemic outbreaks, March will be the month YouthCUE gives a more definitive word on what the protocols will actually be during the summer events.

Directors and other participants, we now need a decision on your participation. By March 15, we need to have a definitive word on your participation, along with registrations and deposits.




Weekly updates for YouthCUE will be provided directors and participants regarding all events. We will keep you posted as we become aware of new developments. Hopefully by this point, there will not be much “new news” that we have not already dealt with in the previous months.

Directors are encouraged to keep their students engaged and informed with everything they are receiving from YouthCUE. Our goal: As few surprises as possible!