CUEcoach is YouthCUE’s newest resource for student choirs! CUEcoach takes private voice lessons directly to our singers and provides six 15-minute interactive lessons which are delivered directly to your singers’ computer screens! Jonathan’s style of teaching is highly engaging and fun — even virtually — and he is able to communicate key principles directors can build upon when we are able to rehearse together again. CUEcoach is a great resource whether we are in pandemic times or not!

What’s more is that it’s all super-affordable. Cost is an amazing $1 per student per lesson, or only $6 per student for the entire series.

This excellent value is made possible by generous donors and YouthCUE members like you (when you purchase your annual membership)! Please join me in providing CUEcoach for your students today. Our San Antonio Youth Chorale students will be happily required to do these sessions, and we hope you will require it (or at least make it available) to all your students, as well. In fact, I’m also providing CUEcoach for the adult singers in my church choir, too! Yes, it’s that good!

When you sign up for the number of singers, we are on the honor system, depending upon our directors to order the correct number for all the singers who will benefit from it. Once you place your order, you will be provided links to each of the lessons which you can relay to your singers whenever you want them to complete the lessons. You are in complete control of the distribution of the lessons to your singers.

Sign up for CUEcoach today using the link below! You and your singers will be glad you did, and our choirs will all be better for it!

Your colleague and friend,

Randy Edwards