We are now into our second day of rehearsals for Labor Day at the Cathedral.

Special guest, composer Craig Courtney, is doing an amazing job rehearsing and conducting his part of the program! 

In this particular concert, we are using three diverse settings of “This Is My Father’s World.” The first is a majestic orchestral arrangement by Dan Goeller. The second is Mack Wilberg’s delightful, dancing setting first recorded by the Morman Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra. The third is Craig Courtney’s lovely anthem, “Idyll of Praise.”

With the crisis in Syria raging about – the pressure here in Washington is almost palpable as the President and advisors are meeting merely a few blocks away – we can find comfort, assurance, and peace knowing that this IS, in fact, our Father’s world.

“And though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.”

It is our prayer that we will experience the transcendence of that reality. There’s not a day that passes when we don’t need to be reminded again and again that we serve the One who does all things well. God is not taken off guard by world crises, personal dramas, family challenges or church squabbles.

“God is the ruler yet.”

So …

“O let us ne’er forget.”


Overwhelmed by the sounds and grateful for the community,