If the success of a journey is measured by how excited the traveler is to return to his vocation back home, then this study trip has been a glowing success!

The more I see of the world, the more convinced I am of the value YouthCUE can add to it. Once you’ve experienced the transcendence of a couple of hundred attentive, committed students singing with full orchestra as they did in the National Cathedral this past June, you can then imagine a very similar sound and those same voices wafting chorally from every cathedral in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. And anywhere else we might sojourn, for that matter!

There’s nothing to compare with the sights and sounds of adolescent voices hinged together by great music, repertoire memory, scripture lessons, and high musical accomplishment. There’s a holy magic made in such settings, blending ancient sonorities with budding voices, newly-learned choral disciplines with newly-discovered Christian commitments, combining together spiritual songs with Psalms, hymns and anthems of the highest order.

I shall give my best effort to taking this spiritual tactus back home with me. The quality of inspiration I have found over these several days of travel is second only to that which I discover as I connect with dedicated directors who loving teach and guide students all across this planet. These loving ministers, planted in places as glorious as Mayo County, Ireland, or as mundane as Ireland, Texas, are our heroes.

We at YouthCUE are committed to spreading this God-honoring choral music far and wide.

Will you join us on the journey?