CUEcast is the weekly podcast of YouthCUE.

Released every Tuesday morning at 6AM Central, each episode is packed with information and inspiration for student choir leaders, music educators, ministers, teenage singers, parents of youth choir kids, YouthCUE alumni, YouthCUE donors, and all other interested parties.

Episodes include interviews

with composers, directors, music educators, student choir singers, youth ministers, professional artists, YouthCUE alumni, YouthCUE program participants, and more. Often, musical excerpts are included designed to inspire and inform listeners of new anthem resources.

You may listen to each episode for free here on the website, but it’s much easier to take advantage of the subscription to CUEcast by activating the “Podcast” app (usually purple) on your smartphone or iPad. Here’s how … it will take you less than one minute, and it’s totally free!

Instructions to subscribe to CUEcast

  1. Find the Podcast app
  2. Touch the app icon, which will send you inside the app
  3. Look for “magnifying glass” to find the search feature.
  4. Search for: CUEcast
  5. CUEcast logo will appear. It’s cyan-colored.
  6. Touch CUEcast logo.
  7. Find “Subscribe” and simply touch the word “Subscribe.”
  8. That’s it. You’re all set!
  9. When you have subscribed, the app will automatically drive new episodes to this same place (under the purple Podcast app on your device) to listen to the episodes at your convenience. Episodes will sit and wait for you until you have the chance to listen. Also, the app will allow you to access all past episodes by touching “All Episodes.”
  10. Select the episode you’d like to hear and enjoy.
Episode 68 – Side by Side

Episode 68 – Side by Side

Wiff Rudd is Professor of Trumpet at Baylor University. An extraordinary player and a legendary teacher, Wiff has performed and presented master classes at more than 350 universities and music festivals on five continents. In recent years, Baylor’s trumpet ensembles...

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Episode 65 – The spoken word as art

Episode 65 – The spoken word as art

We welcome back our friend Angelique Feaster Evans as our guest on Episode 65. Angelique, the Founder and Artistic Director of the Mahogany Ensemble Theater in Shreveport, LA, is a world-class artist and performer. In this conversation, we will ask Angelique to share...

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