Passionate youth choir directors have never shied away from hard work, not when there is a possibility of providing special opportunities for the students in our care. The summer of 2023 was no exception, as leaders embarked upon choir mission trips across the United States. For example …

Janis Maxwell (First United Methodist, Athens, GA) bused her Wesleyan Youth Choir students to San Antonio for five days of concertizing and service projects in the Alamo City.

Brad Brand (First Baptist, Montgomery, AL) traveled with his One Voice Choir and Reflections Ensemble to New York City where they sang and ministered along the way.

Tim Ward (Church Street United Methodist, Knoxville, TN) traveled with his Parish Youth Choir to Washington, D. C., where the highlight of the trip was singing at the National Cathedral.

Dana Effler (First United Methodist, Dallas, TX) and her Variations Youth Choir traveled to Chicago to sing concerts in the Windy City.

YouthCUE’s San Antonio Youth Chorale (Randy Edwards, Director) stayed relatively close to home this year, touring Texas with concerts around the state, including the Baylor Alleluia Conference and the Texas Choral Directors Association.

These are only five representatives of many more leaders who, against all odds, provided something special for their students in the summer of 2023. The challenges include, but are not limited to, 1) rebuilding participation following the pandemic, 2) summer heat and big storms disturbing travel, 3) ubiquitous spring and summer scheduling challenges among students and their families, and 4) increased cost of travel.

Please tell us about your summer with your youth choir students! How were you and your program creative in meeting the needs of your students while, at the same time, empowering your teenagers to help meet the needs of others.

Email me at [email protected] with your story along with a photo of your. We will soon feature your story on the website and in the YouthCUE electronic newsletter.

May God bless all of us as we begin new youth choir seasons in September!

Randy Edwards
[email protected]