If I have gained any morsel of wisdom at all in my 68 years on the planet, perhaps it could be summarized in this way: It’s astonishing how few things in life depend on my opinion, how few people are encouraged by my self-righteousness, how even fewer are changed for the better by my arrogance, and how fewer still are moved closer to God by my obsession with always being right.

On the other hand, I am continually astounded at how little unconditional love, basic human compassion, and divine kindness it takes to transform someone’s day and to move everyone involved — giver of love and receiver alike — much closer to the One Who forgives us … all of us.

When my personal discernment becomes private resentment, echo-chamber meanness, public judgment, labeling, name-calling, and the pigeon-holing of my neighbors, I have then rendered myself incapable of serving as an instrument of Christ’s peace.

What the world needs now … is peacemakers.