CUEcast Axiom debuts on September 10 and will continue on Fridays in addition to the regular Tuesday episodes of CUEcast Classic. Short, crisp, and concise, the 4-6 minute CUEcast Axiom episodes will deal with a current issue faced by youth choir directors and will draw parallels with what we know to be true and how those truths can positively impact our ministries today.



CUEcast Classic begins its Season 2 on September 7, continuing to drop on Tuesdays in tandem with the CUEcast Axiom episodes (on Fridays). Timely interviews with some of today’s key leaders, alumni, and students themselves, the CUEcast format in the new season will be engaging, vital, and more succinct. Each CUEcast Classic episode will run 14-16 minutes.



Please join us on Tuesdays and Fridays this fall beginning September 7 to boost your energy and knowledge for our choral ministries with students!