YouthCUE’s 30th Anniversary has encountered a snag, right?

Well, that makes pretty good sense, because we’ve always said that the first three rules in leading a student choir are: flexibility, flexibility, flexibility. COVID-19 has done a number on our 30th Anniversary Events. Only the Baylor Festival in late February got in under the wire before all the social distancing and travel restrictions were put in place. Has that only been 4 weeks ago … it seems 4 years with all that has happened since then!

CUE has postponed all remaining events to 2021. Notice we did not say “canceled,” because we’re moving everything from 2020 to the corresponding dates in 2021. Furthermore, if you and your group have registered for a 2020 event upcoming, we will simply move your registration and deposit forward to 2021 unless you give us instructions to do otherwise.

Most of these events have space availability for new participants to register, although we completely understand that not many people are rushing to register for anything at this point! We hope things calm down sooner rather than later, but whenever life moves back to a more normal tempo, we will provide updated information for events.

Actually, as far as our 30th Anniversary is concerned, this works out okay. True, YouthCUE was founded and begun in 1990, which is exactly thirty years ago. That’s when we did the research, set up the nonprofit, and began raising funds. In October, we sent out the first pilot issue of the YouthCUE newsletter and received subscriptions by mail. No website, no credit card transactions or online registrations … only return addresses with cream-colored subscription forms which had to be completed by hand. Subscription was $36 per year, $65 for two years, $95 for three years. But the actual YouthCUE monthly newsletter, the flagship freight-carrier of this ministry, did not begin its monthly run until January 1991.

So, 2021 would be a great year to celebrate 30 years of ministry together! We’d love to involve you and/or your group in one of these events in 2021.

YouthCUE-Baylor Festival 16 (high school/middle school) – Dates in February, 2021 TBA very soon

YouthCUE- DC Festival 22 at the National Cathedral (high school/middle school) – June 22 – 27, 2021

YouthCUE National Honor Choir (Philadelphia/New York City (high school select) – July 21 – 28, 2021

CUE Labor Day at the Cathedral with Composer CL Bass (adult, collegiate) – September 3 – 6, 2021

YouthCUE Directors’ Journey Abroad in Ireland (adult leaders) – Dates in October, 2021 TBA very soon

We hope you’ll make plans to come join us in 2021! Let’s celebrate together!