This is the spot where we usually share about all things SAYC.

Our student choirs are our passion and our focus, but to continue feeding, molding, and modeling for our younger singers we need to engage and refuel with singing and spiritual opportunities and challenges of our own. Upon graduating college and getting married, I found myself without a choir for the first time since I was four years old. No big deal, right? I didn’t realize until almost a year later, when we joined the choir at my church the gap this absence left in both my spiritual and emotional being.

One of our SAYC singers, Maura, said it best: “I love the beautiful feeling that can only be found in worshipping Jesus with amazing people to excellent music. Nothing else has ever made my soul soar in the same way.”

This rings true for me and, I suspect, for many of you. One of the blessings of coming to work for YouthCUE is the opportunity to challenge myself musically and spiritually through YouthCUE events for adults like Labor Day at the Cathedral. For several years, Randy Edwards, who in addition to his work at YouthCUE is mu church choir director, had several times invited our choir to participate in this event. I had never taken advantage of that offer – always too busy, not enough funds, small children, work, etc., etc., etc. But in 2016 I traveled as a part of the staff to this event in Washington, D.C. and experienced the history, the food, the truly massive, awesome beauty of the National Cathedral, the compelling sounds of the outstanding orchestra, and the calming, completing and uplifting feeling of singing with friends new and known, God’s music. What a gift!

I would like to invite YOU, parents, directors, YouthCUE alumni and others, to find your refueling times and events. CUE can help with that! Give yourself permission to sing, dance and play, so your child, students, or friends will see the joy of music and God in you and want that for themselves. As for me, I’ll be back in Washington, DC in September 2021 for YouthCUE’s Labor Day at the Cathedral to refill my energy and passion to lead others to find their love of and joy from God’s melodic message.

Edie Dutton

Coordinating Director

YouthCUE’s San Antonio Youth Chorale (SAYC)