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Explore our calling to teach Scripture to youth through the power of choral music

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Out of the comfort zone

Abbie sees each rehearsal as a worship experience where friendships are formed and spiritual depth is cultivated.

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Investing in our future

Larry Dickens sees YouthCUE as an important piece of hope for a beautiful and better tomorrow.

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For Students

Participation in YouthCUE programs will develop your faith, leadership skills and musical aptitude.

For Directors

Discover how YouthCUE can help you develop a vibrant youth choir program at your church or school.

For Donors

Learn more about YouthCUE’s impact on the spiritual development of youth who participate in our programs.

Looking for information about YouthCUE's National Honor Choir?

YouthCUE's National Honor Choir enlists 150 of the finest high school students across the United States and Canada. Space is limited, so act quickly to reserve your spot! More Info

Upcoming Programs

YouthCUE provides high-quality programs and events designed to strengthen both your ministry and provide your students with fantastic choral singing experiences in some of the world’s finest venues.

Spiritual Formation

Providing church for students in the present tense.


Choral Excellence

Through repertoire selection, memorization, and professional orchestral accompaniment.


Leadership Development

Planting seeds with healthy, strong mentoring and opportunity for growth.


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Support YouthCUE’s mission to provide youth choir directors with tools and resources to help sustain church and school youth choir programs with your tax-deductible gift today.


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