Author: D. Randy Kilpatrick

The Little Things can be HUGE!

The Little Things can be HUGE! In the third installment of the “last” mission trip we will hit on some relatively small things that help to make the tour run more smoothly. Some of these things you have likely done yourself, but if they are new to you, you might give them a try. TOUR BANK We have […]

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Choir Tour–the BEST money you will spend!

One thing that is CERTAIN on the upcoming choir tour to Grand Rapids and Chicago is this: EVERYDAY there will be surprises! Every single day something unexpected will happen. The reason that I know this is because it has happened JUST like that for the last 34 years. Some of those things will be really GOOD things and others, […]

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The PERFECT Fund Raiser

The Perfect Fund Raiser. This is the first of a series on the last choir tour. It is somewhat of a retrospective on 35 years of choir touring with some added things about the planning for the current tour. I hope this series will be helpful to you. We are intentionally looking at some of the “best […]

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The Mother of Invention

So here is the problem: The high school choir (Sonlight) is the service choir in place of the adult choir for a Sunday morning in December. The reason that the students are taking on the adult’s normal role is because it is the weekend of the adult choir’s huge Christmas music. One of the pieces I had selected for […]

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The Next Generation–An Interview with Leslyn Jacks

A few months ago I began a continuing series on the next generation of youth choir directors.  This week I continue with an interview with Leslyn Jacks, Tallowood’s junior high choir director.  In addition to the interview, I also attended one of the rehearsals of Heartlight, so this posting will be in two pieces—interview and […]

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