Out of the comfort zone and into confidence

Abbie sees each rehearsal as a worship experience where friendships are formed and spiritual depth is cultivated.

Bi-lingual.  Student leader.  Strategist.  Oh, and she plays the piano too.  Abigail Wiedenhoefer’s resume reads like a classic over-achiever’s list of extra-curriculars, but she’s managed to gain many of these experiences from one amazing organization — YouthCUE.

Abigail, who goes by “Abbie,” first learned about YouthCUE during her sophomore year of high school.  Her piano teacher encouraged her to audition for the National Honor Choir.  Abbie did not consider herself a singer so she was nervous about the audition, but she went for it.  She was pleased to find the audition process very informal. She still loves the way YouthCUE welcomes everyone to experience music in their own way. Abbie encourages people who are interested in YouthCUE to give it a try, at least once. She is an example of stepping out of the comfort zone and gaining great confidence in the process.

For Abbie, YouthCUE moves beyond a simple choir experience. Participants meet once or twice a week to rehearse. Prayer is a part of each meeting. Likewise, as the participants study the music, they are encouraged to be mindful of the lyrics they are singing and the Scripture references in the songs. Each rehearsal becomes a worship experience where bonds of friendship are formed and spiritual depth is cultivated.

Older students and former participants are given the opportunity to take leadership roles within the group.  As part of this leadership group, Abbie was able to participate in shaping the upcoming season. Along with other leaders, her input was regularly sought on questions about scheduling, recruitment strategies, and music selection.  The experience of having her opinion valued was inspiring and proved to be confidence-building for Abbie.

Annual trips are another highlight of YouthCUE.  High schoolers are able to attend an annual concert in Washington D.C., and an international trip is also offered every two years for older participants, ages 18-26. Abbie enjoyed serving as a student-chaperone during an international trip to Canada. She used her travel experience to assist fellow YouthCUE attendees with logistics like passports, local currency and navigating a new city. During the ten day trip, students were encouraged to explore each city they visited. They performed in fabulous cathedrals as well as local nursing homes. They made connections with local Canadians and even cleared up humorous misconceptions about life in America. But perhaps the most meaningful elements of the trip were the friendships that formed within the group, friendships which are still in place today.    

Abbie is often asked to share her YouthCUE experiences with other groups. Speaking publicly has given her a deep sense of satisfaction and also allowed her to share her heart. She has been given a platform to express not only her thankfulness but to express the personal growth and spiritual maturity YouthCUE fosters. Abbie especially enjoys speaking with others about her travels and the wonderful experiences that have grown her as a person and deeply touched her life.

For Abigail Wiedenhoefer, music is indeed a universal language, connecting students to one another and also to the Lord. Abbie has witnessed firsthand the power of music to heal, comfort, and inspire. Through the ministry of YouthCUE, she has seen music build friendships, encourage confidence and truly create a soundtrack for life. The rewards which continue to stem from her experiences are icing on the cake!

…the most meaningful elements of the trip were the friendships that formed within the group, friendships which are still in place today.

Abigail Wiedenhoefer

Abigail Wiedenhoefer

Abigail has participated in multiple YouthCUE programs and most recently served as a student-chaperone for a YouthCUE-sponsored international trip to Canada.

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