This is likely to be the biggest youth choir event anywhere in 2021, and we hope you and your choir will come join the fun!

V21 hotline (210) 557-5245

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Student choir directors, help your choir …

  • become a team again!
  • stay engaged!
  • keep up their interest in choral singing!
  • remind them they are a part of something much bigger than just themselves!
  • make a substantial difference for good in the world!


Join with hundreds of other students and choirs across the United States in YouthCUE’s Original Virtual Festival … V21! Keep reading for complete information to help you determine your participation and to get you started enlisting your choir!

V21 hotline (210) 557-5245

[email protected]

As you might imagine, V21 will be significantly different from our normal in-person events. However, the connection with other students and the excitement of an event coming together from across the country will provide our students a very viable substitute for what we’re missing! Please come join us!



Each participant will be provided a V21 singer’s mask

Each participant will be provided a V21 tee shirt

ANTHEM VIDEO — Each choir sends in one video of the group singing an anthem of their choice. Anthem must be sung by memory (a longstanding YouthCUE requirement), socially distanced, and in the tee shirts and singer’s masks provided. The videos will be compiled, pieced together, and made into a great video for the Grand V-Concert, which will be livestreamed across the US on July 11, 2021.

V-BANNER VIDEO — Each choir sends in one creative 50-second video intro (we call this a V-Banner) to do one of three things:

    1. Introduce your choir and choir’s anthem
    2. Introduce your choir’s unique local ministry and/or mission projects
    3. Make an encouraging “statement” for our world today

CUE-TOK VIDEO — Each choir sends in one 65-second CUE-tok video on any subject. We might prefer a creative comedy video, but we leave that up to you and your students.

Deadline for all three videos — Midnight on Monday, May 31


There will be three video products made and available from this event, to be used in a number of productive and inspiring ways:

  • 1) The Grand V-Concert Livestream for July 11, 2021
  • 2) V-Banner compilation videos used with an excerpt of each choir’s anthem
  • 3) CUE-tok compilation video will be made

All video products will be made available to all participating choirs

Directors may choose any times and dates you want, either spread out across several weeks of regular rehearsal schedules or compacted into three intensive days of “retreat” (although “intensive” during the pandemic is certainly different from “intensive” before). Whenever you’d like to gather and rehearse your students and record your Grand V-Concert anthem, V-Banner, and CUE-tok is totally up to you … as long as the three videos are sent to YouthCUE by midnight on Monday, May 31, 2021. (Depending on pandemic conditions in the springtime, this date could be pushed back into the summer or even into the fall. When you register for V21, you will be updated on a regular basis as to where things stand as we go through the spring.) 

To further unify the event and make it a true YouthCUE experience, we will provide each choir six (6) CUEclip Training Videos, which are short, two-minute video clips providing training about choral singing in general and also specific instructions for helping your choir do a wonderful video presentation. CUEclips will be provided for the director to use whenever it best fits your schedule. For instance, you may use one CUEclip per week for six weeks, or if you are planning a three-day retreat event with your choir, you might use the CUEclips two per day for three days, or perhaps three per day for two days. You have all the options.

Coming out of this event, it is very possible that a YouthCUE V-2020 National Honor Choir could be born for summer of fall of 2021. Perhaps 100 students might be chosen from all our choirs (you, the director, would make the decision about who to send from your group) to do four virtual choir anthems, paired with outstanding vocal and instrumental solos from the group to create a Virtual NHC Concert to be livestreamed across the world.

The YouthCUE team’s strong sense is that V21 might become very large … and if you and your choir will join us, it certainly can be! With the breadth of the YouthCUE network, there is virtually (no pun!) no limit to how many choirs and students we might include. If it does become large or even huge, we will split the V21 events into regions throughout the country to keep the size of each manageable. However, if the regions must be enacted to keep from having the Grand V-Concerts too long, this will have nothing to do with YOUR timing of V21. Regionalizing the event will happen only in terms of postproduction of the videos and livestreams.

V21 Per-Choir Registration Fees and Per-Person Participation Fee      

            *Director’s fee waived. Receive your mask and tee shirt for free.


Per-choir Registration Fee (Non-refundable)

  • 1-9 participants …. No registration fee
  • 10-20 participants ….  $150
  • 21-35 participants …. $200
  • Above 35 participants …. $250
  • Includes
    • group registration
    • all postproduction of compilation videos
    • 6 CUEclip training videos


Per-student Participation Fee  

   Early bird                          $49 through February 28, 2021

Regular registration     $65 through March 31, 2021

  • Includes V21 tee shirt
  • V21 singer’s mask
  • Livestream of Grand V-Concert
  • Access to all three video products


REGISTRATION OPENS IMMEDIATELY by our staff compiling a list of all those interested in participating in V21. Interested? We need to hear from you! Once you register, YouthCUE will begin sending you V21 updates.

V21 is, actually, a very simple event, but it will take some thought and advance planning on the part of the directors. The YouthCUE staff is here to answer any questions and to help you plan your choir’s V21 participation! Please let us help! Don’t delay. Reach out to us today and let us get you registered.



V21 hotline (210) 557-5245

[email protected]