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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision



Who We Are

YouthCUE is the premier student choir resource in North America. Over the past 23 years, YouthCUE has provided innovative programming and resources to foster and promote the development of student choirs in churches and schools across the continent.

Established in 1990 by Randy Edwards, YouthCUE has consistently grown in its size and influence. As of 2013, YouthCUE currently has 30,000 students in network, and since its inception, has impacted the lives of approximately 250,000 students through its various programs.

Membership into the organization is normally through the student choir director or student minister. YouthCUE choirs are scattered across twenty-four states in the United States, and in three Canadian provinces.



Mission Statement

YouthCUE's mission is to equip student choir directors with tools and resources to develop healthy, vibrant student choirs in the communities they serve.

Vision Statement

Recognizing and affirming the strong educational and developmental value of choral training, YouthCUE's vision is for every student in North America to have the opportunity to participate in a healthy, vibrant student choir program during his or her adolescence.